Thursday, July 10, 2014

#6 of 40 Paintings in 40 Days

Each of these paintings is 8x10 inches and cost $100.  They will be up for sale at 

#5 of 40 paintings in 40 days is now available for viewing

Number 4 of 40 paintings in 40 days

Currently I am on the 7th painting and 7th day of the 40 day challenge.  I will post 2 paintings a day until the blog is caught up with SkyesArtShop on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Second Painting in the 40 in 40 Challenge

Here is the second painting in the 40 paintings in 40 days:

40 Paintings in 40 Days

This year I celebrated my 40th Birthday.  In honor of turning the big 4 0, I decided to challenge myself.  I would do two things with my art I just don't do....

My challenge is to paint 40 paintings in 40 days.  Each painting would be 8x10 and of a pretty girl painted in acrylic on canvas panel.  The cost for each one will be $100.  They will be sold on Etsy after 40 days.  There will also be a book published with all 40 and maybe more...

The two things I do not do is paint small.  8x10 is miniature compared to my usual size of 36x36 or 36x48.  And I don't do a painting in a day.  I like to let the paint try, and develop the painting to its fullest.  Lots of layers and symbolism.  This challenge has required a lot of preparation and work.  So far I am on #6.  Here is 1 and I will post 2 later today.